When Rehan Ain’t Going Blue

Most of my friends and people around me know me as the ‘swimmer’. Closer friends, who also happen to be swimmers, also, know me as the ‘swimmer’! Family however and maybe very few others, get to see another side of me, a side that I think is more fun, more uncensored, and way more interesting than the ‘swimmer’ avatar that I’ve had to live with for the last 17 years. Though I attempt to write about the part of me that most do not know, it is only natural that you will still see leftover traits of chlorine and water!

I consider myself unique, silly, immature and stupid enough never to accept failure or defeat! I have an ego the size of small country, and a heart, bigger than life itself! I love food, travel, exploring old ruins, castles and the like. Most of my trips abroad have been stress filled because of the racing, but when I do get to holiday, I prefer it being the beach.

There’s one side of me that loves the pool, and another that adores the sea. I could have 100 things on my mind, but if I were to sit back at a beach, I’m refreshed before I know it! Nothing brings me more happiness than the sound of the sea, and, knowing that my silly sense of humour just made someone laugh. I live to entertain!

Not too much of a party animal, I prefer meals and movies with friends and family.

Attention lover, not a seeker, but one who demands it, love to make people laugh and I find the greatest joy in doing so. I hate being alone and the need for company are probably some of my weaknesses. Speaking of such, I’m a sucker for romance and a total die hard romantic.

Speaking of romance, I believe that there is a special someone reserved for us all and when we find that person, we do everything in our power to make them smile. All this comes from the tons of movies I watch, DVD buff, horror fan, gore fan, comedy and romance too! I have watched more movies than I can count, downloaded more than you should know of ๐Ÿ˜‰ Music is my escape, escape from the pressure of racing; escape from the heartbreak of love gone sour. Music comes third on my list of favorite things after my mom dad, and the special girl I’d like to keep secret for now.

If I weren’t a swimmer I’d have probably ended up playing another sport since I love competition! Nevertheless, most attractive to me is improving myself after which comes attention!

I love the fans, the adulation and the respect, and I feel I’ve earned it. I value the support I’ve got from everyone around, and I have a memory that can recollect things said to me when I was a kid.

Facebook: until very recently, my PR engine, my past time and my way of seeing the world! Always used it to relax, get away from the stress and will continue to do so in the future.

Girls: love the attention, love the praise I get, but now seem mundane and irrelevant now ๐Ÿ˜‰

People: in general, I’ve learnt and seen so many different types of people, because of my sport and travel that I think I’m set for life, and have learnt to deal with all sorts of characters!

Fans: mostly motivating, help me realize who I am through tough times, help me stay happy when I’m down. Couldn’t live without them, call them my life support.

HARD reality: some people, who wouldn’t turn around and look at me a couple of years back, now want to be part of my life, social and otherwise. Itโ€™s not a compliment but an insult to myself, but I guess that’s the way the world works. Nevertheless, that’s how I’ve learnt to find out who my true friends really are!

Love life: I love videogames, clothes, shoes, watches, fast cars and everything spoilt boys like!

Terribly insecure that people who love me today may not tomorrow, but deep down know that they wouldn’t ever let me down.

Dying to have a dog as a pet, will do so one day, no real plans for the future; I live life one day at a time, and enjoy each moment. Finding something funny in every situation is what I do, making light of a tuff one is what I do better. Being random is a part of me thatโ€™ll never change, probably because there are a thousand different thoughts attacking my brain this very moment.

Written too much, hope you read a bit, love me at the end of this blog or learn to do so soon!

Peace !

– Rehan ย Poncha ( Olympian and an Awesome Being!)

follow him onย http://www.facebook.com/rehanponcha


  1. Rehan you are liked by everyone and even if some one doesn’t may be they dint know u well. Be d way u r all keep swimming. You are an Inspiration to Indian Swimming..Wish u all d best ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You write so well….pls continue to pen down your thoughts….its always good to know the side of celebs which we commoners don’t get to otherwise ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hats off to the ‘Awesome Being’ for writing such an eloquent article. Do keep writing. Cheers ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

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