Ten Jobs I Dream Of

This is in response to a writing prompt that I imposed on myself for particularly no reason. Here are my Top Ten Dream Jobs. Does anyone connect with me here…a little at least?

1) Auto Rickshaw Driver – No other vehicle uses more fuel and gives you that much amount of arm length and freedom. The auto-rickshaw has a fresh supply of air, all year round! And you can swerve in circles, honk your nut-cases off, scream at fellow riders with full provisions. Why now would you travel using a different vehicle?

2) Liz Lemon, Liz Lemon, Liz Lemon – This one attracts me the most actually. It would indeed be incredible to have a team of filthy, smart, fabulous and quirky writers at your disposal, especially when all of them hate you and are there just for the pay check. Yes. That’s a dream job folks. Liz out!

3)  A Machinist – I honestly have no clue why.

4) Travel Guide – This is to satisfy my travelling needs. Besides, I can bluff to my hearts contents to my tourist mates.

5) CEO of a Big-Ass Company – Oh all the power and control this would give me! Ha! Call me a socio-path.

6) Coffee Shop Admin – I might go on to make sure this happens. Or might just close the doors and drink all the coffee up myself. You never know.

7) Chocolate Factory Employee – Does this even exist anymore? I’m referring to Willy Wonka’s Chocolate factory job avenues FYI.


8) Detective – Imagine the Pink Panther Theme song playing in the back. Now you get why I wanna do this?

9) Novelist – Honestly, this is to get all the cash. World fame is just an excuse. Or maybe I took the book Inkheart a little too seriously.

10) Recording Artist / Violinist / Theater Artist – I have dreamed of this, yeah. Will never happen. I DO NOT intend to creep anyone more than I am right now. Or maybe that is the Apocalypse.

So there it is. Ten jobs that I may never end up doing. However, those ten jobs appeal to me a lot, at least they do when I’m day dreaming on my bed (or under it, completely oblivious of the fall).

What is your Dream Job? 🙂 I believe that we can always be what we want to be, in small ways even if. Life goes on and everything that has to happen will always happen. Why cant we take a moment and dream of the dreams we have?

– Shaun D’souza

P.S – I’m sorry but I cannot end this post without sharing with ya’ll this awesome music. Link below~


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