Stay Calm and believe in your Universe

It’s funny because it does not take much for someone to feel awful about something and then, just like that, something life changing happens. I have heard a lot of people tell me that when you truly want something, the Universe makes sure that it happens to you.

And for a very long time, indeed, I had my doubts. Why should something as magnificent and big as the Universe bother about the petty little wants of us mortals?

One jolly good afternoon, I was watching the telecast of a reality TV show. A very good friend of mine was a contestant in the same. It was the final round and there were four contestants left. The tasks these contestants had to perform were tough, I agree. Also, my friend did a little better than the other three (no kidding!). Yet, for some non-sensible reasons, the odds were against him.

However, something completely mind-blowing happened at the very last moment.

The other contestants did exactly what I call as ‘bad-news-stuff.’ Every last minute act of theirs worked exactly in favor of my friend which gave him the upper hands, at the same time it damaged their reputation. The ball was in his court.

Yes, he won the show (Yay).

My point here is that the Universe (Or at least the world you create around yourself and for your yourself) is very necessary. We strongly need to believe in what we are doing. The trust and faith we have in what we do will only define how the Universe around us works.

To give you another instance, my parents clearly do not appreciate anything that I end up doing. And in my opinion, they have the very rights to be afraid, I end up getting pretty (read as ‘very’) deep in trouble too. But at the end of it, they do accept my  decisions and support my cause. human-space-universe-cosmos

That answers my question. The so called Universe works wonders for us only because we pose to it a challenge of sorts. We out-rightly and rebelliously challenge the normalcy of our lives and do what we believe will work best for us, even if not. And that, my friends, is the key. As simple as that.

And the life changing situation I mentioned right on the top is exactly when the clocks are turning, circumstances are occurring, moments are happening; all in your favor. All you need is a little self confidence and trust.

– Shaun D’souza.

This IS the perfect song, dedicated to each one of them who have believed in themselves and have achieved success. And to my superb friend too, of course! 🙂


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