Grandpa and I

I remember it clearly.images (1)

It was a bright morning and all was well. I woke up with an unusual and untimely excitement. Everyone seems happy – grandpa was home.

I was indeed joyful. That’s what she said.

This scheme of blessed days continued for a long time. Bad is bound to happen to the good. Destiny is meant to unfold its plan to reality.

Grandpa was tensed that morning. That’s what she said.

I had noticed it too, the tension engraved on his face. An expression that made no sense to me, a mere teenager. What could bother him to dishearten that robust heart?

He went down to a nearby stall for a smoke. That’s what she said.

For hours together, the eldest of my family did not return home. Nobody got worried, they let him and his habits be. They trusted him to be rational, even with the mystery that was nagging him.

He was not to be found at the stall, at three in the afternoon. That’s what she said.

He did not return that evening. And we found no signs of him even on the following day. I waited for his return, hooping to catch at least one more glance of his wrinkled and merry face.

Nobody now knows of his whereabouts. That’s what she said.

imagesThe little time we spent together, was fruitful beyond all. I would flash my innocence, while he beamed with wisdom. He had seventy rupees in his pocket – I know – hope he found great richness in that small wealth.

May there be happy mornings wherever he is. That’s what she said.

inspired by a good guy I just met…

– Shaun D’Souza

Catch me on Twitter @hunchbakdsouza


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