Someday we will have it all
A heart that is golden, with gifts so rare
So that we can simply give away, holding nothing back
And just a life full of love and care.

Someday she would have it all
A freedom so powerful yet sweet
She would achieve it all, big or small
And be the best at every feat. 1012211_555653354472515_1319646531_n

Someday he would have it all
Happiness that is unknown to most of mankind
Dealing with all the pain he knew, new or old
With pure bliss on his mind.

But someday I wish to have it all
Just about everything that I can never get
That rare soul, the freedom sweet and that joyful mind
Or at least hope, and have my heart set.

Shaun D’souza
This is exactly what happens when I have the most depressing conversation
with the most depressing person in between classes at college. 

Please follow him on Twitter @hunchbakdsouza


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