How to Tweet: Twitter for Newbies


So you’re new to twitter and need to know how it works. Don’t worry, that describes a fair part of the population and is the reason we write these articles. So even though your kids or grandkids might snicker, once you’re using hashtags like a madman, who will be laughing then? 🙂 Let’s get started.

Twitter is a bb-gun approach to communication. You write short, concise, targeted phrases. then people comment on it. Yes, that’s about it. No, it’s not complicated. Yes, it is essential for you, your business, and your relationships in life, to know how to tweet.

1) Start by setting up a twitter account.

2) Then tweet your heart out. Write whatever you like. Just keep it under 140 characters (Need abbreviation help? Here’s a list of the top 130 twitter slang words and abbreviations defined.)

Screen shot 2013-04-10 at 12.45.56 PM

3) Build a following.

Follow other people with similar interests to your own…

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