Three Rules of Writing from Distinguished Crime Novelist, Elmore Leonard (and how I broke them)

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Elmore LeonardWe lost another bestselling author last week. Elmore Leonard, acclaimed crime novelist died. He was 87. Perhaps best known for the 1990 novel “Get Shorty” which was later made into a 1995 Hollywood film starring John Travolta, Leonard defined the crime fiction genre.

An Associated Press article released last week said Leonard “helped achieve for crime writing what King did for horror and Ray Bradbury for science fiction. He made it hip, and he made it respectable.”

Truthfully, I didn’t read much of Leonard because I don’t follow this genre, but I did know he was a giant in the writing game and he occasionally offered words of wisdom for all of us writers on how to master our craft. (In fact, I previously blogged about one of his famous rules. Type “writing worthy” in the search bar at right.)

What can we learn from him? The New York Times

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