3 Reasons Why I Will Not Vote For Modi

The Modi fever has gripped the nation. Congress has disappointed us, and so all we keep hearing is… Nayi soch, nayi umeed, Modi sarkar ko vote karo… yak yak yak. From TV to radio channels to billboards, the man of the hour is literally everywhere, which is, of course, all very great except for the teensy-weensy fact that it isn’t really Modi that we’re voting for, but the BJP.

Last I checked, I wasn’t living in America, where there are Presidential elections held, wherein you vote keeping in mind the candidate you want to elect. Such is not the case in India. We do not vote merely for a candidate. We vote for a party, which represents our ideology. A party whom we trust enough to take care of us and represent us on the global stage. After that, the PM is elected among the elected representatives. These elections are, in its basic form, our chance to choose that team which we truly believe would lead us to a brighter future.

Therefore I’m completely bamboozled by the whole Vote for Modi tirade that I keep hearing. Yes, Modi has brought about a world of change in Gujarat. But is he alone going to be responsible for bringing about a change in the country? Definitely not. So let’s for a moment give the man a break and have a look at what his party stands for and the reason why I would not choose it as my government.

1) FDI in Multi-Retail

BJP has maintained its stand that FDI in Multi-Retail is not welcome in the country. It is in the name of protecting our farmers. But time and again, it has been proven that FDI does not just benefit the middle-income
category but also the lower-income category. It creates jobs which is the need of the hour. election-2009-4e
Also, the farmers get to sell their produce at competitive prices, without being taken advantage of by the middlemen. Despite being aware of these benefits, if a party is giving in to Luddism, I simply find it inexcusable.

2) Criminalization of Homosexual Acts

In December 2013, the Supreme Court upheld Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalizes sexual activities “against the order of nature”. The SC also made it clear that any amendments that need to be made to that section have to be Parliamentary and not Judiciary. And so, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of those whom we elect this year.
BJP has clearly expressed its satisfaction with the decision of the SC when it overturned the decision of the Delhi High Court. To me, this represents not just a further delay in justice for the minority but also intolerance in attitude towards those who are different. Are these really the kind of people who will usher in the India Shining phase that we have been so eagerly looking forward to?

3) Hindutva

BJP has right from the beginning stood for Hindu Nationalism. In the recent years, it has realized that, with modernization, it is not exactly endearing itself to the youth with this philosophy. Hence, it has toned down the colour in the orange. But at the end of the day, everyone agrees that BJP is a pro-Hindu party. Do we want to be governed by them when we so proudly speak of being a secular country? I’m sure BJP may do no harm to other religions, but are we willing to take that risk?

Let me be absolutely clear here. This is not me saying- Let’s vote for Congress (a case of been there, done that) or AAP (a case of too much, too soon). This article is also not anti-Modi or even anti-BJP. I do feel BJP has immense potential, but as long as it represents these principles, I feel like I would be doing a disservice to myself and my country by, consciously, electing those who do not really represent me. We do need a change, yes.
But at what cost?

(Please Note- The comments expressed above are solely my personal views.)

– Lekha Kamat

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  1. Hey there. I’m not someone who generally thinks of politics or whom to for. The title was so catchy that I decided to take a look.
    Anyways, I wanted to express a view here on the first point mentioned. FDI in multi-brand retailing will actually hurt our nation big time. Not very soon. But it will. In the long run. It’s not only the farmers who would be at loss, which is mentioned as a reason BJP is against FDI in mutil brand retailing, but also millions of those Families throughout India who base their livelihood on retail shops, most of them uneducated. It’s common that we see departmental stores all over India which mostly fall into unorganized sector. When there is advent of Biggies like WalMart entering the market, the survival of these people will be in question. It will simply kill the unorganized retail sector in India, in a more layman language. If go further examining, there will be days in the future when poor and middle class households can no longer buy things like Turmeric, Chilly powder, or other miscellaneous for ₹10 or ₹15. The supermarket won’t give them things in that quantity. They will be forced to buy things in large quantities just because of a kind of Monopoly that Walmart might grow into.
    If we are so concerned about jobs being created right now, why don’t we look at reforming Education system, spend a little more there? Or try to create more Employers than the numberof Employees we create? Why don’t we look at Entrepreneurship?
    We cannot steer this nation into a situation of Monopolies taking over just for the sake of creating Employment temporarily.
    -Hari Nilesh
    Gen Y Awakening India.
    (purely my view. and yeah, I’m not supporter of any political party. My voter ID card is still not made. I turned 19 only sometime back. I pay tax though. )

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