A Different Perspective In Understanding Time

Time began from The Big Bang, and since then every event is believed to have lead to another. Every part of our lives is connected. Ones past influences the future.

However, according to the British Physicist Julian Barbour, there is no time. This theory that he puts forward in his book The End of Time: The Next Revolution in Physics, theorizes how time never had an existence.

The physicist explains that every event in the universe is considered as a Now. That every Now is like a random page of a book that is thrown in the air, hanging until that page (in other words, that event) actually occur.

               No such thing as Time?

It is just that, every event in the past and the present is structured according to various other laws of physics, like mathematics, quantum mechanics, etc.

If it is believed that one event leads to another: the physicist says that – if A causes B, then both A and B are independent of each other. Both A and B are independent Nows and are linked to one another by actions of physics, and not time in particular.

According to an article by Popular Science, on Time and the Universe, Barbour is quoted to say, “…all possible Nows has a very special structure. You can think of it as a landscape or country. Each point in this country is a Now and I call the country Platonia, because it is timeless and created by perfect mathematical

This theory boldly disapproves the works of Newton and Einstein in this context. Interestingly, this theory also agrees that Time Travelling cannot really occur. In a popular experiment by Stephen Hawking, he successfully claims to have proved that Tim Travelling is impossible. He arranged for a party, and sent invites to everybody a day after it occurred, an event for which nobody attended.

Does this rightly prove Barbour’s theory? Or is the theory already flawed in it’s own physical dimensions? Interestingly, this theory makes much sense in terms of humanistic psychology, where mankind views every event as an outcome of his own ‘present and conscious’ actions. None of the past influences the present.

What are your views?

– Shaun D’souza

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