11 Signs That You Are Addicted To Hannibal

The show about the team of helpless FBI and the cannibalistic Psychiatrist just ended season 2 with a MEGA, heart-wrenching finale. We now have some serious Hannibal-junkies among us. Take a look at the list below to see if you fall into the category of a DIE HARD FAN OF HANNIBAL. For that is your desire.

1. You now believe that classy and composed is the new sexy.

Because you gotta be looking great, no matter what time of the day, where or doing whatever that you are. Clearly Mads Mikkelson pulls it off well, bringing an entire shade of class to the show.

Dr. Lector

2. You are having nightmares. About dead people.

Time To Wake Up

And black stags. And naked jack Crawford. But, oh well. You are learning to feel okay about it.

3. You are beginning to suspect your shrink.

If Truth Be Told

But you won’t stop visiting him/her anyway. Because you are insecure. And obviously thanks to all the naked Jack Crawford imagery running in your head.

4. You miss Hettiene Park. And are dying to catch another glimpse of Gillian Anderson.

Everybody is devastated with Katz’ death. While others have relapsed into watching X-Files all over again. (Fun Fact: After Jodie Foster rejected the offer to play Clarice Starling in the movie Hannibel, Gillian Anderson was offered the role. But her contract with X-Files didn’t allow her to do the movie.) (Fun Fact 2: Gillian Anderson looks hotter with every role.)

Please Come Inside

Please Come Inside

5. You feel conflicted about the FBI’s Behavioral Science Unit. Because Jack Crawford.

The number times I almost lunged at my tv-screen, wanting to squeeze the life out of Jack Crawford for being so blind. What can I say?

6. You want more dogs than you can handle living in your apartment (while you are in jail).

I mean…doesn’t the show actually make living alone (along with being disturbed and pathetic) look comforting? It’s those canines. For sure.

7. Not only are you murdering, in your head, everybody you hate – you are also doing it creatively and with style.

Creative Kill Time

Putting up a show, as Jack Crawford would say. The show did an amazing job coming up with each of the crime scenes. (Criminal Psychology tid bit – very rarely, however do serial killer put up such a display for a crime scene. Especially in such a frequency that the show portrays! Most victims do certainly help in playing out a fantasy, but after that, they are just thrash).

8. Serial killers actually are beginning to seem like cool, talented folks.

If only they hung out more often. Maybe they have a meetup group. Now THAT is a tv show to have fantasies about.

9. Every word you say has a subtle and a twisted motive to achieve something else.

On the show, every line of the dialogue was said in sub-text.
Now, you have grown used to it. Your mind has fit into a pattern. And now, if you want to poop, you say you have a great burden, unrealistic to let go. But you obviously say it like a terrorist.

10. Humans look tasty to you!

Yes! You want to eat your girl-friend. No really. You need a piece of her mind, except that now – it seems more inviting. Lady Gaga and Ke$ha calling their fans Little Monsters and Animals suddenly makes so much sense.

11. Fishing and Hunting now don’t seem like bad career option.

But your parents won’t approve of it? Invite them to the kitchen.

Other signs

– Murder, blood and gore are beginning to turn you on. But this is a trait that we also share with fans of The Following and Dexter.

– You maybe a little insane. But so are bunny rabbits. Nobody questions them!

– Shaun D’souza

(I study forensics, play beats with my fingers and sometimes take a nap.)

Say hi to me @hunchbakdsouza

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