The most striking aspect of the movie is that the makers managed to find a 
setting in the Indian history 
to fit the need to the Shakespearean play. It is based in 1995, 
Kashmir, among much unrest between 
India-Pakistan militia and politics.







Watch this movie for three main aspects:


Three scenes that were wonderfully showcased:

  1. Haider’s monologue in the town center.
  2. The portrayal of the song Bismil
  3. The last dialogue between Haider and his mother Ghazala.

The movie guides us through the story of Haider, who returns to Kashmir only to discover that his father is missing, arrested by the Indian militants,in 1995. His search for his father, and the truth that will lead him to understand the events before the arrest occurred, is a rather amazing ride for both the audience and the protagonist himself.


Three particular members of the cast:

  1. Haider (played by Shahid Kapoor) is immaculate! He perfectly draws out the characteristics of an individual who is born in a landscape full of trouble, who was sent away to Ali Garh by his mother Ghazala (played by Tabu) in order to be protected. There is an instant character change in Haider once he discovers the death of his father (played by Narendra Jha) which is beautifully executed. The dramatic amusement that shadows the pain that Haider feels, waiting for vengeance, is breathtaking! At the same time, the creators managed to not play his character all the way over the top, as one would expect from a typical Bollywood blockbuster. You’d be surprised at Shahid Kapoor’s skills, I bet. 
  2. Kay Kay Menon deserves an award for his performance as Haider’s uncle Khurram in the movie. He naturally seems to have played a role of the double-sided character, who would solely commit any act for the loyalty of his country and Ghazala. He just is too damn genuine all over!
  3. Tabu is an absolute delight to watch on screen. Her character manages to stay true to the personality of a protective mother, who would go to any lengths to see the welfare of the child. Ghazala is torn between her loyalty for her husband, her love for her son and the respect for Khurram.

The psychology shift in characters depending upon the situation and environment. At certain points in the movie, you would realize that the characters are driving the plot than otherwise. The nature of the mindsets of the characters is hair raising!

Haider, in a hindsight is a complete Bollywood package, yet with many novelties that Bollywood movies genarally themselves lack. The dark humor, gut wrenching gun-battles and cruelly marvelous dialogue delivery is worth applauding. Go watch it in a movie theater.
– Shaun D’souza
(I study forensics, play beats with my fingers and sometimes take a nap.)
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