Let’s NaNoWriMo

The month of November is hailed worldwide for two particular reasons. First and primarily it is known as Mustache growing month, to raise an awareness of Men’s health and against prostate cancer (also known as Movember)

The other big reason, and this is exciting, is that November is also known as the National Novel Writing Month (in short, NaNoWriMo). The deal is simple – write a novel within the month of September. Minimum length limit – 50,000 Words.

I was introduced to this amazing mayhem last year by my mentor as a challenge. And I obviously got worried. How does one write those many words in such a short period? Before last November, my only other writing assignment had taken me three months to complete, and that amounted to 30,000 words only. So this, in comparison seemed impossible.

Then I explored a bit, and looked up at what people over Twitter had to say. I met the amazingly talented and beautiful (not very handsome) minded William Louison who had participated and won NaNoWrimo for the past six years. And that is when I discovered the greatest part about this event – the awe of participating in a world wide race, but with other (so many others!) like minded individuals, who are there to write to you and support you win it. It truly is amazing!

The NaNoWriMo marathon is definitely worth the experience, I realized. And hence participated. I fortunately managed to have most of November to myself as my University semester holidays had just begun. I planned my novel, and, wait for it, managed to finish it in fourteen days. Not that I like showing off, but yea, I kinda love it. The feeling, dear reader, is fulfilling. It is as if you are meditating for a whole month, you feel truly rejuvenated.

The NaNoWriMo website allows you other features like getting your writing reviewed, publishing deals, etc. There are a ton of other surprises and privileges you can also enjoy just by being a part of this. And what happens once you win (which means completing a 50,000 worded novel within 30 days)? You receive an internationally renowned NaNoWriMo certificate. Yaye!

So, com’on, people! Be a part of this global frenzy! Invite your friends, plan a novel and write write write! Please say hi to me over twitter too! I would love to discuss our month together.

Got a story? Come join the moment. The world needs your words. The world needs your novel.

– Shaun D’souza
(I study forensics, play beats with my fingers
and sometimes take a nap.)
Say hi to me @hunchbakdsouza


  1. Great post, bud! Nano is spreading wild. When I first did it no one knew what is was…now it’s becoming a common thing, so cooool! I love your graphics! πŸ˜€

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