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5 Reasons Why The Harry Potter Series Is The Best Gift For A 9-Year Old

The most thrilling part about reading fiction is that it provides the mind with an escape. A sort of a metaphorical freedom. But inculcating that into the mind-set of your child, niece or nephew is not an easy task. This is why I believe that the Harry Potter Series are the best medium to achieve that space.

    1. Books will be Associated with Family, Love and Warmth:

      Gifting the child this series can be a fair excuse for you not having the time to read out-loud to your kids. Also, I am stressing on gifting it only to your child, nephew or niece, or someone close,

      because then the child learns to understand that books and family are associated to love and warmth, and will always have a bankable resource to depend on, not ever turning hostile towards either books or family. Books will become their home.

    2. The Characters of the Series grow with your Child:

      I think this is one of the biggest reasons why kids who haven’t been introduced to reading as a habit should be reading books. I am not exclusively endorsing the Harry Potter series, although I believe richly in its competency. When children are around the age of nine, the need for ‘feeling belonged’ begins to grow. It is hence important that these needs are fulfilled, and literature, in my opinion, is the greatest richness that one can be bestowed with.

    3. One can Learn The Best Of Lessons:

      One of the biggest reasons I love the Harry Potter series is because it a complex (yet unconscious) amalgam of life lessons, good values, morals and have these literary landmarks to help one have an understanding of his or her own. I think that happens a lot in fantasy novels. They generally are vast and expect the readers to develop their own perspective. Because, unlike a mystery/suspense noble, you don’t have to necessarily race your mind to uncover the answers that are hidden. Instead, it gives space for the mind to think in parallels.

    4. It is the Best Stepping-Stone of a Series:

      The Harry Potter novel has a greater advantage of having a superb fan following because it consists of seven books. Once your child (or nephew or niece) reads the first book, curiosity will make sure that he or she goes through the rest. Eventually, the child will develop an avid reading habit and will be ready to read other novels (Like The Lord Of The Ring series? Yep!) and explore other genres of writing. And I can bet the child will do this all on his or her own. You have an independent kid, who would have learned to think by himself or herself.

    5. It Makes Going to School look Cool:

      Harry Potter made me realize that nerds can perhaps be the greatest people in the world. Also, the series upholds the necessity for adventures. I remember studying chemistry assuming it to be Potions. So if the child grows up to be street-smart, intelligent and brave, what more do you want to give to his or her growth?

    So long, WORLD!

    – Shaun D’souza
    (I study forensics, play beats with my fingers
    and sometimes take a nap.)

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AN AMAZING WEEK – NaNoWrimo, New Blog And So Much More Magic!

The month of October is ending for me in a rather exciting fashion. Or maybe I am just overjoyed, and a little overwhelmed about what the following month is going to present me. wp_ss_20141023_0004

Last week on this date, a very good friend of mine, William Louison and I completed one year of knowing each other, virtually and really(I still have my doubts if he is a cyborg). And because the both of us have so much in common, apart from a shared obsession for blogging, we decided to co-author one of our own. Now, before you check it out, be advised. You may not really like it, as much as you would love it. Click here and go wild. We also do TV Show reviews, so you may actually find it productive.

Yea, 365+7 days of awesome (and never really boring) conversations with that guy. Wonder what went wrong with us during childbirth.

Also, ARRRREEE you excited about NaNoWriMo? If you are a writer and wanna find out more, head to the website! Or, if you haven’t checked it out yet, here is my theory about the Ten Things You Should Do Before NaNoWrimo.

I am pumped! I happen to have my university exams (hard to believe I am still studying right?) between all this action. Trying very hard to not let that dampen my spirits. What are the challenges you are facing? Do share and connect!

And! to get your heart further pumping, here is the first look of Johnny Depp in the forthcoming musical Into The Woods! YAYEYAYEYAYE! I can hardly wait, what about you?

Until my next arbitrary post.

So long, WORLD!

– Shaun D’souza
(I study forensics, play beats with my fingers
and sometimes take a nap.)

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How Not To Get Those Pearly Whites

Here is a great (and slightly disgusting) post about William sharing his tooth brushing techniques. A very endearing tale, most likely to inspire you to point a barrel to your forehead.

P.S. William also happens to suffer from the Foot and Mouth disease, often diagnosed in Canadian cows. Now THAT is a better story that he should share.

Read Post Here.

The Last Words Of A Serial Killer

Surprisingly the blood didn’t spurt. There was where it happened – In the corner of a dimly lit alleyway, by an old swimming pool. The smell of chlorine wafting through the warm summer air.
I stood, she lay. And in my head I did a quick replay – of all that had commenced since the death of my wife had sliced though the jugular of Miss Janice Mellar.
Everything had gone according to plan – until the blood hadn’t chosen to spurt.
Awkwardly the moments stood before me – anti climatic. Although the measures these days to commit these crimes were less drastic.
The list of women whose flesh had tasted my blade isn’t much elaborate. Martha Swinston, Cassie Munro, 14-year-old Helen Swazniq, Isha Dunham, Michelle Mossburg and my dear ladies and gentlemen, Janice Mellar.
Although the last on there was the most stellar. In looks and victimology. Meh.321629_239534822756483_2480481_n
Yet surprisingly, oh-dear-god, the blood didn’t spurt!
Now don’t look at me miss with those accusing eyes. I completely understand, but it is this numbing remorselessness lately that has grabbed my senses. Neuroscientists say ‘haha’ that I have issues with my serotonin.
All I can say, Doctor, is that I just cannot take it in.
There are times when I have to hide and stay low. A ruthless man, by the name Detective Crossbow, is looking for the Jugular Killer. You see, he doesn’t enjoy the popularity of people like me.
It is this madness sometimes that dazzles my every bone, certified from the classic psychopathic tendencies that I have shown – where murder is my only sexual getaway and release, and the gap between my artistic acts is starting to decrease.
But don’t you take another breath, because what I felt…when the blood from her paling body did not spurt. It was a revelation; heavens were opening up to listen, while I stood by the swimming pool dirt.
My name is Alfred Kevins, and dear Janice, haven’t you figured out still? I am not the man with whom you will sleep tonight. For I am, ‘drum rolls’, a killer! A murderous victim to all theories of lust, paraphilia, distraught development and ill sociological conditions!
And even though the Scooby Doo and Gang would call me devilishly charming, sometimes the skin I live in…has me alarming.
I may have a soul, but I am never going to be a soldier, dear mother. I am in too deep in sin.
Surprisingly the blood didn’t spurt, as the blade ran one last time, cutting through my skin.

– Shaun D’souza
(I study forensics, play beats with my fingers
and sometimes take a nap.)

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Two Enemies, two Friends

Franklin swore under his breath.

He was seated in the cafeteria, his coffee barely as hot as his temper. Hands were curled into fists, his eyes were focused on a distant wall. There was a general babble originating from the other students of the universities

Footsteps approached, resounding into the emptying hall. It was Johnathan. Only his feet could run as slow as that. Franklin whispered, “That fuck-face!” under his breath.

A loud sliding sound, followed by a couple of crashes of steel and grating chairs. Franklin turned. He rolled his eyes, watching Johnathan trying to get up from the mess of trays and furniture that he had blatantly run into.

“What the hell is wrong with you?” Franklin said.

“I need to talk to you, friend!”

“Oh, com’on! There is nothing left to talk. You ruined shit for me, man And no…not even me, for the entire team. This is ridiculous. And, please, don’t call me your friend.”

“I know,” Johnathon smiled. Only he could smile in the middle of a tornado. He is that retarded pig of a friend.

“What do you know?”

He scratched his head, “Not sure…Can I get a banana from the counter? I’ll be right back.”

Johnathan closed his eyes, taking a sharp breath. He wished he could go home, get a bottle of whiskey and smash it over his head. But he couldn’t enter inside. He had lost his keys.

“What a horrible horrible day…what a horrible week.”

“So what’s up?” Johnathan had returned, half a banana sticking up his mouth, his nostrils flaring open, revealing the twin black holes.

“Get out of my sight.”

“Oh, right!” Johnathon pulled half the soft fruit from his mouth, “I almost forgot what I was hear for. Dude, we gotta talk!”

“About what?”

“About that day! Look, I know you are little angry.”

Franklin raised his right eyebrow, almost losing it in his hair, a maze of light brown.

“Okay…a little too angry. But let me explain.”

“How many times do I let you explain, John? This is the third time you have ditched me and the entire crew! We lost the play because we were depending on you. How on earth do you expect Romeo and Juliet to happen if Romeo doesn’t show up at all!”

“Seriously? Couldn’t you guys like…what’s the word? Yea, improvise?”

“Are you even for real?”

“Yup! But listen. I was all ready to show up! That day…no kidding, bro. I took bath, twice with the body-shower gel, that can also be used as a shampoo. But I didn’t use it on my hair that day, my hair would get sloppy…not that it matters right now. Anyway…and then, mother fell sick. She got that thing…which can really screw with your head! Like she went nuts…almost broke things…what is it called?”

Franklin shrugged, “Schizophrenia?”

“No, you freak. Headache. That’s what she got!”

“Right.” Franklin pursed his lips.

“So I had to hail Mrs. Knockednees and get her to take my mother to the hospital. By the time I reuturned, I found two burglars in my house!” Johnathan lowered his voice, “One of them was a Mexican in my opinion. Kept eyeing the microwave.”

“This is loads of bullshit! Why should I believe you?”

“This bull-feces is true, man! You can call my mother and check the newspapers. Her headache was reported in The Times and the burglars were taken to the hospital…no wait. I think I mixed up a little. But anyway, do you wanna talk to my mother?”

“Yea, no…your mother? I’ll pass.”

“And then you ignored all my texts for the next three days. I know you hate me, and I’m sorry! You don’t deserve such filth as a friend. But please don’t stop talking, man. Shit sucks.”

Franklin chewed the inside of his cheek, “So is it really true?”

“YES! My mum did feel sick and my house was almost emptied.”

“No…I meant the shower. Did you really wash yourself twice with the body-shower gel?”

Johnathan nodded, “Palmolive, my friend, you probably can still smell the Peach Vanilla on me.”

“I’ll pass that as well.”

“But, if it helps, you should know that I took that shower only because you asked me to. That face you make is a turn off, both to women and cows.”

“I can’t believe you did something so drastic, just for me!” Franklin steps up near Johnathan, “You notorious filth of a friend.”

Johnathan pushed the banana up his mouth, chewing, “Thotallly”

Franklin slapped his back, “Have you got your wallet?”

“Yea, duh.”

“Cool! Let me take a look and then go get a couple of beers. I’ll buy them…for you.”

Shaun D’souza

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Murphy’s Law

We are all lost in our own private traps.

Goosebumps broke on his bare wet skin. Wind howled, chills running down Jason’s spine like little jolts of electricity. He smiled. This was better than feeling nothing.

Staring at the blue ocean ahead of him, another surge of excitement pulsed through his veins. There were others around. But that was alright. To be one with the water, that’s what he intended to be.

He leaped, his body cutting through the air, streamline face forward into the pool like an exhilarated penguin. The layers of dread were leaving him. Uncertainty, doubt and grief, one by one, leaving his insides. A passion awakening from within.

For years now, he had been acquainted with swimming. He had undertaken deep sea diving as a child and had constantly sought out after the experience. The waves, currents, movement of underwater life, the release and shimmers of air bubbles. It thrilled him. It was fantastical.

No matter where he went, enjoying the pool was a thing to do.

With a quick and practiced deep breath, Jason plunged into the water, seeking for the fairly shallow floor. He did not notice the eyes that were on him. Did not even notice that a few other individuals pointed fingers at him, some ladies (creative in nature and design) giggled at the possibilities of his existence. He didn’t bother. He was in his world.

Time slipped by. He hung at the bottom, now and then. Deep breath. Dive below. Explore. Reach back to the surface. Deep breath again. He had fallen under the sync of the sequence. Through his moderately transparent goggles, Jason noticed the vibrant colors of the undergrowth, the life forms, slipping past his fingers.

He noticed something new! A glistening piece of necklace, caught against a rock. Like a mini-sun irradiating light from the bottom of the ocean. A few others saw him, but did not dare swim as deep as he had. The glint from the pendant of the necklace danced against the currents.

Shadows swam over him, but he took notice.

With a muffled grin, he swam to the surface. Rescuing the necklace would be a task. Gifting the necklace to the special woman of his life would welcome all the sufficient perks, not that he was entirely devoid of it.

Deep breath. Dive below. Explore. Reach back to the surface. Deep breath again. He repeated the ritual two more times, just to get the hang of the depth and a good look of the area.

He completely missed the shadow of another man that was closer to him, than the rest. The muscles on his face were rigid, his eyes set on the glint of the shiny pendent. From a safe distance, this man observed Jason. From the look in his eyes, it was certain that there was a plan conspiring in the dark of his mind.

From the bottom of the ocean, the surface gleamed with an unknown glow. It was truly a portal to another realm. Shafts of bright light refracting through the water, bubbles travelling in irregular orbits and even the slightest of waves caused the most imaginary strokes of shadows. Underwater, Jason felt like the water was in control – but not entirely because he could choose to step out of this trance whenever he wished to. Or at least when his lungs demanded it.

Jason almost made it to the necklace this time. But the grim looking man was on to him.

Deep breath. Dive below. Explore. Reach back to the –

He lunged at Jason, grabbing his throat, the pulsing Adam’s apple forcing against the man’s fingers. Jason tried to fight, but his vision was already clouding, carbon di-oxide leaving his system faster than the traitors of Christ.

Jason took one last look at the surface. His nails dug into the man’s hands, tiny sparks of blood releasing, immediately diluting into the ocean. His eyes widened by the second, his pupils matching the design.

The man was losing breath as well, he wasn’t as experienced. Jason wasn’t giving up, more struggle, muffled screams. He could feel the man’s grip loosening. He could feel his life ending. He wondered if, in death he would remember, as a final memory, the face of his killer. But he didn’t. Death was faster.

He quit. without a notice. The struggle was futile. The muscles on the grim man’s face relaxed.

– Shaun D’souza (@hunchbakdsouza)

What Can We Do?

We stood, staring into the beauty of our lives
our bodies against each other
a love, a connection more elegant than fiction.

But what can we do when what we feel is beyond us?

We smiled, days went by, for as long as the sun shined
our minds in grasps of our dwellings
a freedom, a portal more blissful than fantasy.

But what can we do when what we see is darker than death?

We ran, meddling with the secrets of our choices
our hands sorry for the things we did
a power, an ability more greater than good.

But what can we do when what we say is truer than our fates?

We cried, because it was time for you to go
my heart growing bitter and cold
a possibility, a dread more darker than hell.

But what can we do when what we hear is stranger than facts?

Now you are gone, and I have lost my words
I thought I would smile, you were hopeful too
a strangeness, a mystery more twisted than our minds.

And what will I do, now that I can’t smell your essence next to me anymore?


Someday we will have it all
A heart that is golden, with gifts so rare
So that we can simply give away, holding nothing back
And just a life full of love and care.

Someday she would have it all
A freedom so powerful yet sweet
She would achieve it all, big or small
And be the best at every feat. 1012211_555653354472515_1319646531_n

Someday he would have it all
Happiness that is unknown to most of mankind
Dealing with all the pain he knew, new or old
With pure bliss on his mind.

But someday I wish to have it all
Just about everything that I can never get
That rare soul, the freedom sweet and that joyful mind
Or at least hope, and have my heart set.

Shaun D’souza
This is exactly what happens when I have the most depressing conversation
with the most depressing person in between classes at college. 

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Grandpa and I

I remember it clearly.images (1)

It was a bright morning and all was well. I woke up with an unusual and untimely excitement. Everyone seems happy – grandpa was home.

I was indeed joyful. That’s what she said.

This scheme of blessed days continued for a long time. Bad is bound to happen to the good. Destiny is meant to unfold its plan to reality.

Grandpa was tensed that morning. That’s what she said.

I had noticed it too, the tension engraved on his face. An expression that made no sense to me, a mere teenager. What could bother him to dishearten that robust heart?

He went down to a nearby stall for a smoke. That’s what she said.

For hours together, the eldest of my family did not return home. Nobody got worried, they let him and his habits be. They trusted him to be rational, even with the mystery that was nagging him.

He was not to be found at the stall, at three in the afternoon. That’s what she said.

He did not return that evening. And we found no signs of him even on the following day. I waited for his return, hooping to catch at least one more glance of his wrinkled and merry face.

Nobody now knows of his whereabouts. That’s what she said.

imagesThe little time we spent together, was fruitful beyond all. I would flash my innocence, while he beamed with wisdom. He had seventy rupees in his pocket – I know – hope he found great richness in that small wealth.

May there be happy mornings wherever he is. That’s what she said.

inspired by a good guy I just met…

– Shaun D’Souza

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Stay Calm and believe in your Universe

It’s funny because it does not take much for someone to feel awful about something and then, just like that, something life changing happens. I have heard a lot of people tell me that when you truly want something, the Universe makes sure that it happens to you.

And for a very long time, indeed, I had my doubts. Why should something as magnificent and big as the Universe bother about the petty little wants of us mortals?

One jolly good afternoon, I was watching the telecast of a reality TV show. A very good friend of mine was a contestant in the same. It was the final round and there were four contestants left. The tasks these contestants had to perform were tough, I agree. Also, my friend did a little better than the other three (no kidding!). Yet, for some non-sensible reasons, the odds were against him.

However, something completely mind-blowing happened at the very last moment.

The other contestants did exactly what I call as ‘bad-news-stuff.’ Every last minute act of theirs worked exactly in favor of my friend which gave him the upper hands, at the same time it damaged their reputation. The ball was in his court.

Yes, he won the show (Yay).

My point here is that the Universe (Or at least the world you create around yourself and for your yourself) is very necessary. We strongly need to believe in what we are doing. The trust and faith we have in what we do will only define how the Universe around us works.

To give you another instance, my parents clearly do not appreciate anything that I end up doing. And in my opinion, they have the very rights to be afraid, I end up getting pretty (read as ‘very’) deep in trouble too. But at the end of it, they do accept my  decisions and support my cause. human-space-universe-cosmos

That answers my question. The so called Universe works wonders for us only because we pose to it a challenge of sorts. We out-rightly and rebelliously challenge the normalcy of our lives and do what we believe will work best for us, even if not. And that, my friends, is the key. As simple as that.

And the life changing situation I mentioned right on the top is exactly when the clocks are turning, circumstances are occurring, moments are happening; all in your favor. All you need is a little self confidence and trust.

– Shaun D’souza.

This IS the perfect song, dedicated to each one of them who have believed in themselves and have achieved success. And to my superb friend too, of course! 🙂