Bottomless pit

Subconscious Freedom

Trapped inside a smoky room, she tried calling out for help.

No response. She tried twice more, but in vain.

This is all it took for her to come to the conclusion that it was time for her to help herself. She wasn’t used to being stuck inside a cubical, hazy with dust, with very less light.

The girl, herself was small and petite. Although her expressions registered panic, her eyes shone some amount of defiant fighting spirit. She tucked on her white dress that managed to cover her blackened knees. The girl decided her plan of action, bravely.

But deep down, she was afraid. Afraid of losing control. Afraid of the end. 428467_3717396227702_12902033_n

Afraid of insanity.

She had to do something, however. She stood up in the dingy small space and hit her head to the roof above. Biting her lips to cease the pain, she tried to push the roof off the closure.

And to her fortune, it opened right away!

She smiled, relieved, saying a silent prayer to the only God she knew, her latent fate.

With some effort, she managed to climb out of the room, not remembering a bit about how she got there. The last thing she remembered was watching her loved ones drowning in a flood, rushing away like withering clouds, silent screams piercing her conscience.

Before that, it was an earthquake, destroying everything, a plummeting sand castle, period.

And now, here she was, escaping the tiny box, out to freedom. The girl found herself on the top of a very tall building. So tall that she couldn’t see the ground, not one bit.

A cool breeze ran through her dress, kissing her exposed skin lightly. She felt mesmerized  yet, the daunting feeling of fear still shook her wildly, eating her from the inside.

She now stood on the edge of the building, creeping towards the corner, slowly. Her pulse quickened and the overpowering feeling of fear had taken control of her mind. The world around her was in ruins.


It was now or never.

Yes! She now could hold none of it anymore. The girl desperately wanted the end! What else could she do? Either be trapped in a pothole or fall to her death? Death felt better, she needed the peace. Needed the freedom. Due to impounding fear her body began to heave heavily.

And in one single gallop she fell, face forward, out in the cold, out in the wilderness. Her contorted expression bloomed into the one of joy and bliss.

Wind swept past her like a raging fire, calming her senses. She fell and fell and fell. A bottomless pit from hell. Yes, the girl was flying but it only took her moments to come to the next conclusion.

She asked what she got and now, she was trapped again. Trapped inside freedom.

– Shaun D’souza

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