Happily Insecure

A little something I wrote to the one person, friend and brother who would has got me stronger than I ever have been gotten before. It may make very less sense, but  I sort of had a fight with him this evening, and know I hurt him.  If you’re reading this anytime in the future, you should know that I still respect, love and look up to you more than anything. And I’m sorry, of course.
For the lovers of literature, this is NOT proper poetry (and neither my genre of writing), and should perhaps be in a personal diary, my apologies. Please be kind while rating it, I’m mostly a sentimental fool tonight. 🙂wildanimals

Are one side of the same coin,
together, you and I
Exploring the other end,
nothing to lose or spend.

You cope up with the world
I try to figure it out.
Short fights and purple hearts
full of pain, we try not to shout.

So while our worlds rages on
telling us what we try not to know.
Let’s fight and stay sure
that together we are happily insecure. 

– Shaun D’souza