What Can We Do?

We stood, staring into the beauty of our lives
our bodies against each other
a love, a connection more elegant than fiction.

But what can we do when what we feel is beyond us?

We smiled, days went by, for as long as the sun shined
our minds in grasps of our dwellings
a freedom, a portal more blissful than fantasy.

But what can we do when what we see is darker than death?

We ran, meddling with the secrets of our choices
our hands sorry for the things we did
a power, an ability more greater than good.

But what can we do when what we say is truer than our fates?

We cried, because it was time for you to go
my heart growing bitter and cold
a possibility, a dread more darker than hell.

But what can we do when what we hear is stranger than facts?

Now you are gone, and I have lost my words
I thought I would smile, you were hopeful too
a strangeness, a mystery more twisted than our minds.

And what will I do, now that I can’t smell your essence next to me anymore?