Into The Woods

AN AMAZING WEEK – NaNoWrimo, New Blog And So Much More Magic!

The month of October is ending for me in a rather exciting fashion. Or maybe I am just overjoyed, and a little overwhelmed about what the following month is going to present me. wp_ss_20141023_0004

Last week on this date, a very good friend of mine, William Louison and I completed one year of knowing each other, virtually and really(I still have my doubts if he is a cyborg). And because the both of us have so much in common, apart from a shared obsession for blogging, we decided to co-author one of our own. Now, before you check it out, be advised. You may not really like it, as much as you would love it. Click here and go wild. We also do TV Show reviews, so you may actually find it productive.

Yea, 365+7 days of awesome (and never really boring) conversations with that guy. Wonder what went wrong with us during childbirth.

Also, ARRRREEE you excited about NaNoWriMo? If you are a writer and wanna find out more, head to the website! Or, if you haven’t checked it out yet, here is my theory about the Ten Things You Should Do Before NaNoWrimo.

I am pumped! I happen to have my university exams (hard to believe I am still studying right?) between all this action. Trying very hard to not let that dampen my spirits. What are the challenges you are facing? Do share and connect!

And! to get your heart further pumping, here is the first look of Johnny Depp in the forthcoming musical Into The Woods! YAYEYAYEYAYE! I can hardly wait, what about you?

Until my next arbitrary post.

So long, WORLD!

– Shaun D’souza
(I study forensics, play beats with my fingers
and sometimes take a nap.)

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