What Can We Do?

We stood, staring into the beauty of our lives
our bodies against each other
a love, a connection more elegant than fiction.

But what can we do when what we feel is beyond us?

We smiled, days went by, for as long as the sun shined
our minds in grasps of our dwellings
a freedom, a portal more blissful than fantasy.

But what can we do when what we see is darker than death?

We ran, meddling with the secrets of our choices
our hands sorry for the things we did
a power, an ability more greater than good.

But what can we do when what we say is truer than our fates?

We cried, because it was time for you to go
my heart growing bitter and cold
a possibility, a dread more darker than hell.

But what can we do when what we hear is stranger than facts?

Now you are gone, and I have lost my words
I thought I would smile, you were hopeful too
a strangeness, a mystery more twisted than our minds.

And what will I do, now that I can’t smell your essence next to me anymore?


Someday we will have it all
A heart that is golden, with gifts so rare
So that we can simply give away, holding nothing back
And just a life full of love and care.

Someday she would have it all
A freedom so powerful yet sweet
She would achieve it all, big or small
And be the best at every feat. 1012211_555653354472515_1319646531_n

Someday he would have it all
Happiness that is unknown to most of mankind
Dealing with all the pain he knew, new or old
With pure bliss on his mind.

But someday I wish to have it all
Just about everything that I can never get
That rare soul, the freedom sweet and that joyful mind
Or at least hope, and have my heart set.

Shaun D’souza
This is exactly what happens when I have the most depressing conversation
with the most depressing person in between classes at college. 

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When It Makes No Sense

He didn’t know her.

Every morning, she would reach college early, just to catch a glimpse of him get off the bus and walk towards class.

She would watch him intently, from the window. Surely, she loved him. An unknown sort of love best described by poets and the mad men.

Her love was true, nevertheless.

He was not the handsomest guy in the lot. A rather tall boy with an attitude that scared the Jingle Bells out of her. She was afraid of him. He would never bully her though, she knew.

And I would watch her everyday, mesmerized by her actions. I could never figure out how could someone love another without giving it a chance. I am in love with her nevertheless.

The three of us were stuck in a mess. A mess so deep that perhaps I would never realize its depth; like a love triangle.

I wondered really hard. I thought to myself, ‘Why doesn’t she go to him and say that she loves him?’ This disturbed me for a long time.

Until one day I said to myself, ‘If I did love her, then why cant I do the same?’

women black and white artistic tears monochrome sadness 1536x1024 wallpaper_www.wallpapermay.com_39

I grew sad. I wanted her, she wanted him. He was a prick and did not care. What could I do? She would get me crazy, I was in love. I would do everything that love songs described about the things people do when in love. She was sad too, but i was too scared to approach her.
Everything. Check youtube for more.

And years passed. One fine day, she found me at a bar, I was as high as … well, you know. She recognized me and sat down on the seat next to mine. I smiled at her, still loved her, you see. Still beautiful as ever, she looked. My heart flutter causing some blood pressure related discomfort. She looked blankly at me. I looked away, thinking about that bloke she loved. An anxious flame burned inside me, she was right there! All I had to do was profess my love to her.

As simple as that.

Grabbing a drink, she looked at me.

“I know you love me.”

I shot her a look, like an excited Gibbon. My pulse quickened and my dying hopes of winning her back regained pace. She was meant for me. I knew.

“You do?” I asked.

She nodded, “But it’s not meant to be.”

She stood up, nodded and walked away. I watched her walk to the door. But she suddenly stopped. i was confused, like the Gibbon I mentioned above. “Why not?” I demanded, “I love you dearly, I really do.”

“I had to tell you this, just like he told me the same this morning. And now, I believe you’re ready for the one you’re destined for.”

I looked down with a pause. She was nowhere to be seen by the time I looked up again.

I smiled to myself. It all made sense.

Everything did.

___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___

– Shaun D’souza

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Happily Insecure

A little something I wrote to the one person, friend and brother who would has got me stronger than I ever have been gotten before. It may make very less sense, but  I sort of had a fight with him this evening, and know I hurt him.  If you’re reading this anytime in the future, you should know that I still respect, love and look up to you more than anything. And I’m sorry, of course.
For the lovers of literature, this is NOT proper poetry (and neither my genre of writing), and should perhaps be in a personal diary, my apologies. Please be kind while rating it, I’m mostly a sentimental fool tonight. 🙂wildanimals

Are one side of the same coin,
together, you and I
Exploring the other end,
nothing to lose or spend.

You cope up with the world
I try to figure it out.
Short fights and purple hearts
full of pain, we try not to shout.

So while our worlds rages on
telling us what we try not to know.
Let’s fight and stay sure
that together we are happily insecure. 

– Shaun D’souza

A Crush That Can

A crush can be good

An crush can be bad

But, is never both.

For a short span.

It can always be there for you.

Through all phases of time

But vanishes away

In a short span.


Wish it was realimages

Wish it was true

Wish it would last

For more than a span

A crush can be good

An crush can be bad

But, is never both.

For a short span.

– Urvashi Talekar

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That One Epic Fail!

There was a guy with crap for brains

Whose ego, sadly, would never bend

He came in to my life with blushing charm

Had me awestruck all along.


Little did I know:

Trouble is my friend

His rugged face and toothy grin

Mesmerized me until the end


Should’ve realized his youthful intentions

That ended mostly with depression

He played his cards rather slyly

and now am filled with aggression!


Oh boy! Let me make this crystal clear

I aint gonna cry over

Because this is my life and you are the one

Who is gonna cry over you dead deeds, forever…


You came like prince charming redefinition

And the regrets have left me groaning

Fell in your opinion first

Ending it, leaving me sad and moaning.


This ain’t a picture perfect

Neither it is correct

 But there’s gonna be time

You’ll groan when another decides to reject.


Don’t come back ever again

Or else you will have to pay

With all that shit in your head

You’re just one epic fail

–          Misbah Shan

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