Why Confess?

Now there are three sorts of confession I particularly wish to write about. There could be more, which I am blatantly not aware of.Also, let me add that all the three sorts of don’t make sense to me. And honestly, I don’t see why they ever would. 

The first sort would be the typical catholic confession. An individual goes up to the priest who himself is seated behind a curtain, hiding away. The priest or and other dude from the church expects you to chant a few prayers, state your sins after which he mumbles a set of prayers himself and claims you to be forgiven.

The second is the kind where you commit a mistake against someone and you feel so guilty that you go to that respective person and confess your actions.

The third, and the most modern and ridiculous is the latest fad of the confession fad over on Facebook  where one either insults someone in secrecy or expresses his or her love to someone else.

And here is why it doesn’t make sense to me. How does anyone expect me to be honest and open to a Priest hiding behind a closure himself, when I cannot be the same even with a friend whom ‘I’m supposed’ to trust? Do the prayers even make sense, or are just random lines that are mandatory to get done with the process?

I agree that sins are bad but yet, I committed them and that alone leaves an impression on me. Everything I do, good or bad, has contributed to who I am today. That does not mean I can simply tell away my errors to someone, no matter how bad they are.

At times, the things we do are so meaningless. And by talking about it to someone,you can ruin your relationship with them. Yes, you can term them to be sins and wrong deeds, but does it really matter? Call me cold-hearted and conscienceless, but I dont really feel any pang of guilt when I choose to let something go when opposed to the cost of ruining something that I cherish. Instead I would focus on not committing the same blunder again and work my best towards damage control.

And lastly, the confession pages over at Facebook  Really now? Is that what our insecurities has led us to; not facing facts and dealing them in the most inhuman

Com'on! Grow a pair!

Com’on! Grow a pair!

way possible? We’ve successfully succumbed to the internet and are dependent on it for things as little as disclosing our interests. What is worse is that people have taken to virtually-verbally abusing ridiculing others over the social network. It is simply pathetic. As if, bullying wasn’t extravagant already.

This is me, I am sure you don’t agree with me on a lot of points here. I appreciate it and would love to hear you out. Do comment of leave me a mail at

Have a good weekend otherwise.

– S



What is Good about Good Friday?

Have you been wondering the same too? Why term this day of lent as good when we Christians do nothing but mourn and fast?

If you’re wondering, Good Friday is that day when Jesus Christ is supposedly crucified on the cross. It falls on a day before Easter (YES! The day right before the Easter egg day!) And no, we are not allowed to go around wishing people ‘My you have a very Good Friday’ today.

I have no issues in claiming that these days I have paid very less attention to the working of the church. But I did manage to pay a little attention to the proceedings of the Good Friday service I just returned from.

Throughout the New Testament of the Bible, Jesus Christ is known as the King of the Holy Kingdom. And the same king comes down to earth in the form of a man and endures humanly pain and suffering. He washes the feet of his disciples,  forgives Judas the traitor and acts in simplified humility under various occasions.

Taking from two other religions, Hinduism and Islam, there are instances where the Ram accepts banishment for 14 years and lives the life of a simple man in a forest and Prophet Mohammed endures suffering for his people. You may be an atheist, and believe that various religious rituals and pointless. Some of them are.


But all religions have one thing in common besides few others, to constantly remind its followers that we are after all humans, mere entities in the whole wide universe. And for eternal liberation and to reach self actualization (or the point of wisdom) we need to simply persevere,  remain humble and keep our feet planted on the ground.

And days like Good Friday is a mere reminder that all of us can still hold on and remain simple, in spite of the credits we own and the certificates that we’ve earned. That even if you’re an Emperor, scientist or a farmer, our acts and deeds can go on to become a global influence, provided we can always accept the suffering that is thrown to us.

Actually, at the end of it, Good Friday has turned to be sort of an inspiration to me.

And if Jesus Christ, who as a mere man, was strong enough to change millions of life even today, then I’m positive that you can too.

Happy Easter. 🙂

– Shaun D’souza