That One Epic Fail!

There was a guy with crap for brains

Whose ego, sadly, would never bend

He came in to my life with blushing charm

Had me awestruck all along.


Little did I know:

Trouble is my friend

His rugged face and toothy grin

Mesmerized me until the end


Should’ve realized his youthful intentions

That ended mostly with depression

He played his cards rather slyly

and now am filled with aggression!


Oh boy! Let me make this crystal clear

I aint gonna cry over

Because this is my life and you are the one

Who is gonna cry over you dead deeds, forever…


You came like prince charming redefinition

And the regrets have left me groaning

Fell in your opinion first

Ending it, leaving me sad and moaning.


This ain’t a picture perfect

Neither it is correct

 But there’s gonna be time

You’ll groan when another decides to reject.


Don’t come back ever again

Or else you will have to pay

With all that shit in your head

You’re just one epic fail

–          Misbah Shan

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