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The Last Words Of A Serial Killer

Surprisingly the blood didn’t spurt. There was where it happened – In the corner of a dimly lit alleyway, by an old swimming pool. The smell of chlorine wafting through the warm summer air.
I stood, she lay. And in my head I did a quick replay – of all that had commenced since the death of my wife had sliced though the jugular of Miss Janice Mellar.
Everything had gone according to plan – until the blood hadn’t chosen to spurt.
Awkwardly the moments stood before me – anti climatic. Although the measures these days to commit these crimes were less drastic.
The list of women whose flesh had tasted my blade isn’t much elaborate. Martha Swinston, Cassie Munro, 14-year-old Helen Swazniq, Isha Dunham, Michelle Mossburg and my dear ladies and gentlemen, Janice Mellar.
Although the last on there was the most stellar. In looks and victimology. Meh.321629_239534822756483_2480481_n
Yet surprisingly, oh-dear-god, the blood didn’t spurt!
Now don’t look at me miss with those accusing eyes. I completely understand, but it is this numbing remorselessness lately that has grabbed my senses. Neuroscientists say ‘haha’ that I have issues with my serotonin.
All I can say, Doctor, is that I just cannot take it in.
There are times when I have to hide and stay low. A ruthless man, by the name Detective Crossbow, is looking for the Jugular Killer. You see, he doesn’t enjoy the popularity of people like me.
It is this madness sometimes that dazzles my every bone, certified from the classic psychopathic tendencies that I have shown – where murder is my only sexual getaway and release, and the gap between my artistic acts is starting to decrease.
But don’t you take another breath, because what I felt…when the blood from her paling body did not spurt. It was a revelation; heavens were opening up to listen, while I stood by the swimming pool dirt.
My name is Alfred Kevins, and dear Janice, haven’t you figured out still? I am not the man with whom you will sleep tonight. For I am, ‘drum rolls’, a killer! A murderous victim to all theories of lust, paraphilia, distraught development and ill sociological conditions!
And even though the Scooby Doo and Gang would call me devilishly charming, sometimes the skin I live in…has me alarming.
I may have a soul, but I am never going to be a soldier, dear mother. I am in too deep in sin.
Surprisingly the blood didn’t spurt, as the blade ran one last time, cutting through my skin.

– Shaun D’souza
(I study forensics, play beats with my fingers
and sometimes take a nap.)

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Confession Of A Serial Killer

Some individuals make us feel disturbingly uncomfortable. Like walking the Milanian Ramp wearing my Grandma’s rock-concert outfit. They manage to get out the worst in you, bringing unexpressed helplessness. They’re important people, no doubt, in a twisted uncanny way. They inform if you need anger management. If yes, these buggers deserve to walk the plank. They should die for scaring the holy stool out of you.


You’re frightened not because of their creepy lifestyle, but because they remind us our pasts, bringing guilt. Guilt brings rage. Then paper covers rock. Rock crushes scissors. And now you know why I murder.

(lately I’ve been getting my inspiration from Chuck Lorre, and of course, Sheldon Cooper!)

– Shaun D’souza

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Note For The Ladies Out There

The next time you open the door to a stranger, wait and think a little. What if you are letting in a rapist or a serial killer? Well, why would you let in someone you don’t trust? Let’s consider an everyday salesman. Tip-top in his looks.  Decent dressing style, average height. Smiles up to you politely,  throws in a couple of smart words and tells you what he’s there to sell. Don’t we often fall for such everyday people? Be it that extra-cute guy at school or the friendly watchman you’ve taken a fancy for. He may even be the guy who offers to give you a lift. Anyway, let’s assume you’re all alone and you let him in. Next thing you remember is being dominated and waking up to a horrible feeling. You know it. Raped.  Lucky, of course, the family of the victim says that at least the offender spared her life. What would the family know how it is to be torn at the age of ten or twelve? Many believe everything’s going to be all right just because no-body is ever going to be aware of the incident.  Most of the rape cases in our country aren’t reported. Why would an FIR be filed? The status of the family comes under question. Well it is rather terrible if the whole world knows your daughter is raped. You feel ashamed.

Oh, but let’s be a little indifferent and consider this issue from the victims point of view. She knows nothing of life. If anything she will die of guilt, anger and frustration. She will trust no body and may even suffer from mental ailment if not subjected to right treatment. Suicide becomes an option. So you think getting justice will help her recover? Perhaps not. But you help a child seek justice and may also help many other girls whose families don’t consider reporting a crime.

If you let to get him away, he may be back. Rape your daughter, sister or even mother again. Manages to kill her too in the struggle. You’re letting a serial rapist/killer loose. What is important at this point? The life you’re letting die or the pride your family hold over the estates.  At this point I think it’s not the rapist but you whose responsible for an innocent girl being subjected to unfathomable violence.

Advice for small girls: The next time you’re alone and see a stranger being polite over unnecessary matters, make sure you’re at a safe distance and let him show his or her- for criminals aren’t just men- identity proof. It’s ok to be suspicious towards strangers.  Your body is your own. It’s not for other, however close or related, to share, molest and abuse. Complain to your parents or someone trustworthy and help your-self out of this.  Do not let a careless move distraught your life.

As a citizen, if not humanity that holds you to your senses, please seek help when blown by a crime. File an FIR. It’s your duty to report a crime. If you’re a woman, stand up against sexual exploitation and raise a voice. You could be the next victim.  If not anything, restore hope to the victim in any way possible.  Don’t let a goon get off so easily. He preyed on someone that you know. Grow up.

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– Shaun D’souza

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