The Loo

Lingering around for hours, 
For the next bus of ours, 
We hushed away from the cries, 
Of the vendors stretching miles.

We walked along what seemed a fort, 
Realized it was loo of some sort. 
To hell and heavens it reeked,
A seance of microbes and stench bequeathed.images

Midst the peace save for the noise outside, 
And a bus stop to the side. 
It stood as a lone dark cloud, 
On a Sunday which was as sunny as it could.

Nonetheless, her love for loo stayed undeterred, 
She walked to the loo instead. 
For a moment she wondered, ‘Is this the best?’ 
‘No’, she said and walked ahead.

She found her solace,
In that ever stinking place. 
She stood for a while, 
Bowed down to that malodorous isle.

She shouted, “O lord o’ loo, 
Where have you been?
I miss those MCC ones;
To be there again, I am so keen!!”

– Karthik Jagadish

No, this blog isnt turning into a poetry cheesecake factory. I came across this guy last weekend and read his poem and was very well blown away by the simplicity and uniqueness that he managed to imbibe here. What do you think folks? Rate it, maybe.