The USA Fever!

For many of us (Including me) United States of America is considered as the land of opportunities, fun, craze and dreams worth million dollars! People consider me lucky, besides being jealous, to visit the country.
In a way, it is true. Meeting new places, making new friends and of course all of the new food! Exploring new grounds is my passion and being in New Jersey I have observed a lot about the people, tradition, culture and what not.
NJ is kind of a small town ironically populated with more Indians and less Americans. At times you feel like you’re in India among all the desi fun and dhamaaka, but in a different location altogether. Speaking about Indians, I can say people are kind-hearted and always you have a helping hand no matter where you’re.
At the same time Americans are very welcoming, cheerful and never forget to stick on to their 100 watts smiles.
I am here as a student to pursue Masters, so this is a fresh start to my student life here.
The universities in USA are simply awesome with wide campuses. One would definitely fall in love with the scenic surroundings. The revenue generated in USA is mainly from International students who come here to seek practical education through research.
The professors are at their best, always ready to share knowledge and making every class interesting with assignments and exams.
The real USA life is obviously on the Friday nights. You can see streets aglow with the excitement in people’s faces which only double the effect of the streetlights on the pavements. Call it crazy, freaky or whatever; the happiness on everyone’s face cannot be bought even for 100 million dollars, truly invaluable.
So from Mon – Fri days pass with assignments, on campus – off campus jobs, cooking, washing, eating, sleeping etc.., Home-sickness is one of the most painful things here.
The time we spend here is with our friends. Friends are the ones who can make you smile and feel special about you. Trust me, your life rocks when you have good friends, be it in person or virtual. Friends play such important role in our lives.
Share happiness and love where ever you go.!Every part of the world welcomes you with a cute smile 😀

-Shilpa Naidu

(The writer of this post is a professional swimmer, career counselor and, well, an awesome gal!)